January 1, 2018

January's Photos

Welcome to 2018 on the Farm!


Meditation Path


Apple Orchard


December Phenology

Well December flew by and it is already another year.

So here are the highlights from December 2017!

Arista weaned and moved into HB
Jypsy weaned and moved into HB

Heifers were weaned and put into Heifer Barn in early December.

As were the Dry Cows
Dry Cows brought into HB
Iceland - Born: 12-13-17

Our Young Laying Hens laid their first eggs!!!

Iceland was born to Ireland, making Ireland a cow now!

Jolly - Born: 12-17-17

Jolly's dam is Java.... also making Java a cow now!!

Another heifer becomes a cow.....Wicked!
Wicked's Bull born 12-21-17
Adele and Virgo

Below are all the heifers who have been weaned this year...... with the photo of the last two; Adele and Virgo who were weaned near the end of December.

With the bitter cold weather (was -15 the day these photos were taken), the animals are all warm and toasty enjoying their food and sunshine!
Laying Hens
More Cows

Snow and Ice make Vermont gorgeous!

December 1, 2017

December's Photos

This concludes the monthly phenology photos of 2017.
Following the December photos, I have put a collage of all the phenology pictures taken of the farm from this year.  It is really interesting to see the changes through the seasons!



Apple Orchard

Meditation Path


Monthly Phenology Photo Summary 2017 (January upper left to December lower right)

November 30, 2017

November Phenology

November comes 
And November goes,
With the last red berries,
And the first white snows.

With night coming early,
And dawn coming late,
And ice in the bucket,
And frost by the gate.

The fires burn,
And the kettles sing,
And earth sink to rest,
Until next spring.

by: Clyde Watson

With the farm welcoming in snow and saying goodbye to the kids, there have been some changes on the farm.

Bonnie was dried off and moved into the Heifer Barn (HB)

Also soon after the kids left Bones, Jalapano, 
and Daisy were moved into the Heifer Barn
Heifers hanging in the first accumulation of snow (about 1")
on 11-16
The Garden Pond has completely
frozen over several times now.
All the wheelbarrows are cleaned and fix and put away for the winter.  And all the water tubs and hoses where brought inside to thaw before also being put away for the winter.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Ours started another round of calves.

Wasabi born 11-23-17
Dam: Whisper
Apricot born 11-26-17
Dam: Amethyst
Hollyberry born 11-28-17
Dam: Cranberry

With the weather continuing to fluctuate between warm and cold the dry cows are still out on pasture; but all the heifers were moved into the Heifer Barn on the 24th.

Heifers running toward the barn 
Ashley leading them into the heifer barn

The rest are following

Gary herding the last heifers toward the barn

Heifers relaxing in their new home for the winter.

Goodbye November, Hello December!