September 22, 2017

City Kids - Week 30

Open house is this 
Saturday Sept. 23rd from 10am - 3pm
if you are around please come
join us!!!!!

 On other news; the first day of fall happened yesterday, so it is official!
Below you will see it has been a busy week for the small animal creatures.

We have 4 new bull calfs in the barn.

Vermont's dam is Valentina (he was born Sept. 18th)
Bingo's dam is Bobbie (he was born Sept. 22nd)
Butters: Dam Brodie,
Born Sept. 18th
Vermont and Bingo

Joker: Dame Joyful,
Born Sept. 16th

Not only did we have calves added to the barn we had a couple leave and join the heifers in the pasture.

All the heifers relaxing together.

Winona and Alaska join the pasture princesses.

Highlights from the Garden: 
Added Alpaca manure to raised beds
to prep them for winter.

The farmers planted lettuce this week.

Dug potatoes!!!
30 meat chicks came to the farm….they have been enjoying
the summer weather in the garden!

Rodney and his 3 hens came back to the garden to help
clear the garden of the bad bugs.

September 15, 2017

City Kids - Week 29

Highlights from this week!

Tomatoes and Cucumbers harvested from garden
1st Watermelon Harvested!!!

Cherry Tomatoes and Basil from the garden
Carrots were harvested, but there are still
more to come.

Late season sugar peas were harvested

Romanesca (good for your vision) was harvested

The three sister's (corn, beans, and squash)
were weeded out and look great!

Meat Chickens were moved...
And then they escaped their pen in search for more food.

Chrysanthemum had a heifer calf, which was named Daisy.
On Sept. 10th
Open House next weekend Sept. 23rd from 10am - 3pm!!
Come join the fun!

September 8, 2017

City Kids - Week 28

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day!
The farm has been chugging along getting this
and that done.
Also getting ready for our open house
September 23rd from 10am-3pm
All are welcome to join!!!

There has been some activity in the barns, garden, and natural work too.
Check out what has been going on.


Josie gave birth to a heifer calf, 
which we have named JalapeƱo. 
 She was born on 9-6-17
Bones was born 9-3-17.
Her dam is Brynn

The rest of the calves have all been growing strong, just look at our graph!!  (Alaska is off the chart)

For Poppy, Althea, and Kow this was their last week being weighed because they are now weaned and were moved out into the pasture.

They joined Kiwi and Aqua.  They were all very excited!!

Running to meet all their friends

And there are beans!!!

In the garden there are still more and more plants growing and prospering.

New broccoli
Pole beans have been
climbing and climbing

Some pumpkins have been harvested
Meat chickens have been helping keep
the weeds down and some bugs out!!

Thimble Berries are ripe

Blackberries are also now ripe!
A beautiful Vermont day in the garden!!

September 4, 2017

City Kids - Week 27

Highlights from this last week:

The geese are taking over the field.  All those black dots are geese.

The corn has hair!!

And tassels with the beans plants climbing
right on up the corn stalk.

The melons are coming, the melons are coming!!!!
Our own grown cantaloupe cut up and eaten!!!

Bali enjoying her new live in the Dairy Barn.

After giving birth to a bull calf on 8-27-17
Weither we like it or not, fall is coming,
the trees are already changing colors.