July 14, 2017

City Kids - Week 20

It was a slow week on the farm phenology wise, but it was
a nice week.

It was also the first week of our summer CKAL program!!

Kow; born 7-9-17

Over at the farm Kelsey gave birth to 
a heifer calf, which was named: Kow

In one week already drinking milk from a bucket and eating grain like a pro.

This week our older calves (Mazerati, Angie, Kiwi, and Aqua)
were dehorned.

Our heifers had a bit of a shower this week, they were enjoying some cooler weather.

In the garden the food is coming!!

Radishes of so many different color
Farmers munching away on sugar snap peas

 Also spinach, lettuce, and arugula was harvested this week.

Up in the garden (for those that have not been) is a sunflower labyrinth
and this week the farmers help add sunflowers to the maze.

Sue showing farmers how to transplant the baby sunflowers 

Farmers handling the baby
plants with care

Watering the plants, once transplanted

One more surprise was found in the Garden….
A Garter Snake!!

July 7, 2017

City Kids - Week 19

 Happy 4th of July…hope everyone had a great week!
The animals on the farm and the garden sure did.
Here is a recap of everything that has been happening this week.

 In the Garden:
     There has been an invasion of bad bugs
and our fearless gardener (Kiley) has been working
hard to safe all of our plants.
The beetle responsible for eating our beans
Cucumber Bettle

Cucumber beetle eatting away
Don't the bugs understand??

While Kiley has been trying to keep the bad bugs at bay….the rest of the garden has been thriving.

The corn looks so good!!
Sunflower seeds sprouted and started filling in the maze

Pole Beans sprouted
Pepper Plants blooming
Potatoes Sprouted
Onion tops…getting ready to bloom

Harvested Garlic Scapes

 On the Farm:
      We have had a streak of births this week
and some moving of heifers.  With all the sun everyone
is happy to be outside!
Looking so adorable

  Peony had heifer calf named Poppy on Monday June 3rd.
Peony pushing

Also on Monday Jamie gave birth to a bull calf.

Then on Wednesday (June 5th), Angelica had a heifer calf named Althea.

With all the new calves moving into the barn it was time for Luna and Whales to be weaned and moved to the outside pasture.  And they were so excited!!


Whales and Luna in Cheese House Pasture

Not only did Whales and Luna get to be outside for the first time
so did our turkeys.

Enjoying the greenery!
Male Turkey's starting to do their dance.

July 1, 2017

July's Photos

July is here...and it is another foggy morning.

The heifers were excited to be in the farm photo and if you look closely at the apple orchard photo you will see small apples growing.



Meditation Path


Apple Orchard

June 30, 2017

City Kids - Week 18

It is the last week of June already...time really does fly
when you are having fun on a farm!!

Some changes happened in the small animal barn the week.

Springberry moved in for a bit….she likes her window view.

Farmer's watching Aqua's feet emerge

Asia had a heifer calf!  
Which the farmer's this week, after watching her be born, named Aqua.

Aqua being fed a bottle of milk.
Aqua being licked by Asia

Jiowa being taught to drink through his door.

On the same day Jamie had a bull calf,
which the farmers (with the help of their teacher) 
named Jiowa

Kiwi is a champ!!
Kiwi, the new heifer from last week, is already so big 
and drinking her milk from a bucket!

Farmer love

From the small animal barn to out into the pastures,
our most recently weaned heifers, Jelly, Wink, Pilot, and Jewel,
got a lot of love this week from the farmers and were
moved into another pasture.

Enjoy the shade in their new pasture.

Up in the garden where it is green green green.
And the farmers, young and old, keep trying to stay ahead of the weeds.
Besides weeding there is a lot going on.

Harvested Peas!!

Little green tomatoes growing

Transplanted Onions

Harvested Radishes!!

Wild edibles growing in greenhouse gutters

On other news around the farm:
Turkey's eating from farmer's hands

The baby Robin's have flown from their nest.
They are now off to great new adventures!!

Realized Penny (the barn cat) as not had an appearance on here yet....soooo as a goodbye to June and a hello to July, Penny and the cows say Hi!