May 26, 2017

City Kids - Week 13

As the students were leaving last week Windsor had her calf!!!
Willy, our new bull calf!

This week the calves had some adventures.
The Small Animal Barn was getting power washed, so 
the calves got to live in the outside pens for
a couple days before being moved back inside today.

Luna and Whales wanted pictures in their new homes.

The animals are outside!!  It was that lucky time of year where the farmers got to experience all the animals moving to the outside pastures for the first time.
Dairy Cows
Jewel, Pilot, and Springberry

    Not only were Jewel, Pilot, and Springberry moved outside they were also weaned this week.  They enjoy the sunshine, but are missing their milk.

In the garden there was also a lot of activity. 

Tomatoes transplanted
124 in romanesco, broccoli, and cauliflower

Herbs in the spiral

Onions sprouted in greenhouse

Greenhouse tomatoes are getting so big!!

Out in our natural world, the farmers saw a goldfinch in the garden and the ash tree leaves emerged.

May 19, 2017

City Kids - Week 12

What a week, for two days it felt like summer and all the grass and trees are so green!!
We started mowing the grass this week.

Not much change at the farm, still waiting for Windsor to have her calf.

But the garden is go, go, go!!

Farmers made rows and planted green beans.

Radishes planted on 5-3 have sprouted!!
 Farmers this week also planted: Carrots,
  Sugar-snap peas, Asparagus, Kale, and Spinach.
Cabbage was transplanted outside

Harvested our first spinach and lettuce

You can just pick it and cook it up!!!

With the warm weather there are not many fiddleheads left, but I found one.

Top of the World

We will leave this week with  a view of the green 
green Top of the World view and the growing

May 16, 2017

City Kids - Week 11

Sarah created a herb spiral

What a weird week of weather, surprisingly cold.  But despite the cold weather the garden is still moving along.

Peas sprouted.


Transplanted tomatoes
Cabbage planted in March are starting to look like real plants.

Eggplant sprouted in dorm!

Farmers this week also planted lots of squash: pumpkins, sweet mamas, butternut, delicate, and spaghetti.

A sure sign that spring is here on a farm is the miles and miles of fencing that goes up.  This week farmers Sarah and Ashely started putting up fencing along the road in anticipation of heifers being moved out soon.

While the natural world is busting at the seams with change, the farm animals themselves have seen little change.

Meat chicks moved out of their box

Luna insisted on having her photo added

When the sun finally came out on Friday the tulips by the Dairy Barn started blooming!!!

May 5, 2017

City Kids - Week 10

Another week of rain and sunshine and the farm just continues to get greener and greener,
we even had our first thunderstorm of the year.

View from the Top of the World…..The trees are getting green in the distance
Trillium Blooming
More Wildflowers blooming!!

Garden shed got an uplift with green plants and rocks

Amphibian eggs found in the garden pond

It is planting time in the garden!!  This week farmer's planted radishes, leeks, and onions.
Our spinach and lettuce were also transplanted into the Greenhouse.

Spinach loving the greenhouse

New onion seeds getting there first drink

Cucumber seeds sprouted and are SO BIG.

Over the weekend Willow had a heifer calf…. which a visiting farm family named Whales.

Whales is very aware of her surroundings

Wink and Jelly finally joined the heifer barn.
Where they are getting
along so well with the others.

Wink sharing food with Jam
Wink just can't stop smiling

Jelly getting right in there with the others

Ending this week with a photo of some more baby chicks.  Can you tell which ones are a week older?