November 10, 2017

City Kids - Week 37

I can't believe it, the last week of our City Kids program for 2017, 
just zoomed past.
(I will now be doing posts at the end of each month, instead of once a week, as the season starts to slow down.)

Our big excitement this week was SNOW!!, 
there were flurries in the air and then today there was some that stuck onto the ground.
It is really becoming winter.
Snow at the Dorm


The heifers, who were in the heifer pasture on the farm,
were moved to the heifer barn.
Winnie and friends inside the Heifer Barn

Rodney and the 2 white hens were moved from 
the garden and into the layer coop with the young hens.
All seem to be getting along so far!
Rodney and hen

Rodney looking over all the laying hens

Thank you all students, staff, and teachers for a wonderful 2017 season!!!
(The farm keeps going, even when kids are not here.  So feel free to leave a comment to see what is going on here.)

City Kids - Week 36

Sorry to be late with last weeks blog, there has been a lot going on with the closing of the seasons.

So, here is a recap of all the adventures that happened last week.


Deana's decorations 

Students' carved pumpkins
All the staff dressed for the
Halloween Party!!

Then there were SO many calves born:
Joey and her calf Janis (10-30-17)
Janis sleeping

Chestnut….Carol's calf, born 11-2-17

Skye…..Trinidad's calf, born 11-2-17

As the weather gets colder the garden is all ready for bed,
though I still found some flowers blooming :).

All the raised beds covered with fertilizer!!

Greenhouse emptied and pumped pulled
from the pond.

Flowers blooming still!!!

Then below are some photos of other animals and views from around the farm from last week.
All the apples picked by the farmers!

Meat chickens growing like weeds


The cows were really into there molasses tubs last week

Garden pond in the fog of early morning

November 2, 2017

November's Photos

The leaves have fallen and the garden has been put to bed.
But the heifers are still in pasture and there are still apples on the trees.




Meditation Path

Apple Orchard

October 27, 2017

City Kids - Week 35

The fall rain finally came.  Bringing the leaves down with the rain, but the farmers
were rays of sunshine through it all!!

Red Eft found after the rain

Spotter Salamander also found!

The leaves have mostly left all the trees

Heifers still grazing

With the leaves falling
the farmers raked the leaves
Into piles

And added them to the garden!

Animal Updates!!
Chickens in the garden were moved to the
raspberry area

Rodney enjoying his new location

Cute pigs!

Adele born 10-22-17        Dam: Astrid
More cute pigs!!

Adele is now on a bucket of milk!!  Thanks farmers!!

Everest became a cow and has been hanging in the DB!

**Remember if anyone wants a specific update on an animal or plant, just let me know!!**