January 26, 2018

January's Phenology

What a mix January has brought from -22 degrees F to rain showers and thaw.

While the outside weather was all over the place, the farm has stayed pretty steady.  Calves being born, heifers weaning, animals enjoying the sunshine and curling up when it is cold.  Below is our highlights from this month!!

Jennifer was born!!
Dam: JennyLee
Pancake was born!
Dame: Waffles
Wendy calved a Bull (1-16-18)

Lilly and Artemis both calved bulls (1-22/23-18)

Bonnie calved another bull! Born: 1-26-18
Not Pictured: Mercedes calved bull (1-7-18)

Adele and Virgo were moved to the
Heifer barn (1-10-18)

Skye and Chestnut weaned and
moved to Heifer barn (1-16-18)
Janis also weaned and moved to
Heifer barn (1-10-18)
Wasabi, Apricot, and Hollyberry weaned (1-25-18)

After all the rain and the air temperature going back down to freezing the sun came out and the landscape was gorgeous.  The pigs were enjoying it too!

Pig Pen with all the shimmering trees
Another gorgeous view in the Vermont winter!!

** This blog is moving!!**We will no longer be running through blogger (though these past ones will still exist), so those that are subscribed you will no longer get updates.
Instead you can find the blog on our website page (www.farmsforcitykids.org) by going to the 'Kids' page and clicking on 'Blog'.
Tatiana (our office manager) will be running the blog, but you will still be able to contact the education staff and add comments through it.

We are hoping this will allow more people to utilize the blog.

Thanks, Molly :)

January 1, 2018

January's Photos

Welcome to 2018 on the Farm!


Meditation Path


Apple Orchard


December Phenology

Well December flew by and it is already another year.

So here are the highlights from December 2017!

Arista weaned and moved into HB
Jypsy weaned and moved into HB

Heifers were weaned and put into Heifer Barn in early December.

As were the Dry Cows
Dry Cows brought into HB
Iceland - Born: 12-13-17

Our Young Laying Hens laid their first eggs!!!

Iceland was born to Ireland, making Ireland a cow now!

Jolly - Born: 12-17-17

Jolly's dam is Java.... also making Java a cow now!!

Another heifer becomes a cow.....Wicked!
Wicked's Bull born 12-21-17
Adele and Virgo

Below are all the heifers who have been weaned this year...... with the photo of the last two; Adele and Virgo who were weaned near the end of December.

With the bitter cold weather (was -15 the day these photos were taken), the animals are all warm and toasty enjoying their food and sunshine!
Laying Hens
More Cows

Snow and Ice make Vermont gorgeous!

December 1, 2017

December's Photos

This concludes the monthly phenology photos of 2017.
Following the December photos, I have put a collage of all the phenology pictures taken of the farm from this year.  It is really interesting to see the changes through the seasons!



Apple Orchard

Meditation Path


Monthly Phenology Photo Summary 2017 (January upper left to December lower right)